The Val de Sambre Regional Hospital Center on its way to BMUC stage 1 alongside with Sapristic.

Last September, Sapristic conducted an audit on Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system for the Val de Sambre Regional Hospital Center. The audit contained a dashboard of the Belgian Meaningful Useful Criteria (BMUC) as well as a series of recommendations to reach BMUC stage 1 by December 31, 2018 as required by the Ministry of Health as part of its EPR accelerator program. An action plan is currently being implemented, in close collaboration with the hospital’s medical board. This plan includes, in particular, the sustained relaunch of the Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) implementation.

With its 330 hospital beds, over 20 000 patients admitted each year in emergency rooms and 10 000 hospitalized patients, the Val de Sambre Regional Hospital Center is a performing hospital that has managed to keep its human face. Since 2012, the Val de Sambre Regional Hospital Center has partnered with Namur Regional Hospital Center to form a strong public-sector hospital named Sambre et Meuse Regional Hospital Center” Association of Public Authorities. Alongside with the hospital’s team members, Sapristic consultants ensure proper project management, help define the optimal scheduling, provide users with a hands-on assistance before, during and after the implementation as well as during continuing trainings. This first project in the Val de Sambre Regional Hospital Center was filled with experiences and challenges!

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