Single electronic patient record (EPR) system implementation and integration in the Picardy Wallonia Medical Center (CHwapi).

In early 2017, Sapristic was tasked with the carrying out of the integrated and single EPR system integration throughout the hospital in support of the internal project management team. The CHwapi is one of the Wallonia’s biggest hospitals with its polyclinic and its 755 hospital beds spread over three sites. Before 2017, the hospital faced a challenging situation due to the Belgian Meaningful Use Criteria (BMUC) laid down by the Ministry of Health.

CHwapi and Sapristic teams spent 18 months working closely to take on this challenge. The main objective was to stabilize the existing project by implementing, on a provisional basis, the H++ solution (edited by Xperthis) in all 43 care units as well as in all the medical consultation units while streamlining the business process linked to the EPR.

After project completion, the CHwapi would have an effective and a suitable tool for the main business needs at least. This would allow the Hospital Center to make its choice about its long-term EPR system more serenely, in partnership with the institutions of the locoregional hospital network.

This step will pave the way for several developments that users have been awaiting for so long (such as stability, application and support performance, functional coverage, ergonomics ...)

We are proud to announce that the H++-related project has met the objectives we set out. All the users at the CHwapi (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, secretariats, call centers ...) now work in a single electronic patient record. On top of that, the CHwapi has recently been recognized as an Early-Adopter with reference to the BMUC EPR accelerator program.

Congratulations to the teams who carried the project through to this result and to the users who kindly accompanied the shift that really shook up their old habits! Electronic Patient Records now offer a general overview of the patient, guaranteeing appropriate and safer care both for the institution staff and the patients.

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